Prevent Bullying/Dating Violence

A CALL TO MEN’s LIVERESPECT™ Healthy, Respectful Manhood Curriculum prevents bullying, dating violence and sexual assault in schools and sports.  The easy-to-integrate curriculum offers coaches, educators, mentors and youth advocates the tools to build young men of character.  The curriculum is free and available for download.  

Data from the LIVERESPECT™ Curriculum pilot shows dramatic shifts in attitudes and behaviors that will prevent bullying and violence.  A CALL TO MEN surveyed nearly 300 male middle- and high-school students who participated in the LIVERESPECT™ Curriculum Pilot during the 2016-17 school year. The participants submitted anonymous surveys before starting and after completing the curriculum.  The findings are promising.

  • Pre-curriculum, only 19 percent of boys agree that they know what consent means. Post-curriculum, that number increases to 75 percent.

  • Pre-curriculum, only 16 percent of boys agree that they are taught to view women as having less value. Post-curriculum, that number increases to 74 percent.

  • Pre-curriculum, only 21 percent of boys agree that they are taught to view women and girls as the property of men. Post-curriculum, that number increases to 90 percent.

  • Pre-curriculum, 68 percent of boys see that the Man Box exists and dictates how they should act and feel. Post-curriculum, that number increases to 99 percent.

Download the full report HERE.

The LIVERESPECT™ Curriculum is ideal for middle and high school age boys.  The curriculum promotes healthy, respectful manhood; decreases language and actions that degrade women, girls and other marginalized groups; challenges harmful cultural and social norms; and decreases instances of bullying, homophobia and dating violence.  

Research by the World Health Organization shows that men and boys who adhere to rigid, traditional notions of gender roles and masculinity are more likely to report having used violence against a partner.  According to the CDC, nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year.  Between 1 in 3 and 1 in 4 (28 percent) students in grades 6-12 experience bullying, according to the National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics.  

The LIVERESPECT™ Curriculum empowers boys to better understand healthy relationships, more effectively negotiate relationships with their peers, and make better decisions for themselves and those around them. 

The LIVERESPECT™ Curriculum is the product of A CALL TO MEN’s 20+ years of experience working with and training men and boys.  The curriculum was developed by A CALL TO MEN and was generously funded by Verizon’s HopeLine program.  

Coaches play a critical role in shaping the character of our next generation of leaders. That character development starts with a healthy manhood.
— Joe Ehrmann, founder of Coach for America and Parade Magazine’s Most Important Coach in America.
As a coach, educator or mentor, you are a role model with great influence over the lives of young men and the way they view the world. The ability to shape the minds and beliefs of the young men we serve is an awesome responsibility.
— James Brown, network broadcaster, CBS Sports and News