Prevent Violence Against Women

The underlying causes of violence and discrimination against women are rooted in the ways women and girls have been traditionally viewed and treated in our society.  Men are socialized to view women as objects, the property of men and of less value than men. These ideas are taught to men – sometimes unconsciously – and reinforced by society.  

  • When a coach tells a boy, “You throw like a girl.”
  • When a dad tells his son to, “Man up.”  
  • When men ridicule each other for showing emotion or fear.
  • When men make sexist jokes.
  • When boys use gender-based attributes to bully or discriminate.

This is the Man Box at work.  

A CALL TO MEN uses the Man Box to illustrate the collective socialization of men.  The Man Box identifies the limitations on what a man is supposed to be and what he believes.  These expectations are taught to men – sometimes unconsciously – and reinforced by society.  In the Man Box, men are supposed to be:

  • Powerful and dominating
  • Fearless and in control
  • Strong and emotionless
  • Successful – in the boardroom, the bedroom and on the ball field

Research by the World Health Organization shows that men and boys who adhere to rigid, traditional notions of gender roles and masculinity are more likely to report having used violence against a partner.  If men embrace a healthy, respectful manhood, many of our social ills – from domestic violence and sexual assault to bullying and discrimination – would drastically decrease. 

A CALL TO MEN works with well-meaning men who care about their communities and families.  Men who want to create positive social change.  Men willing to challenge social norms and be an example to other men.  

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